Alight Power Kits

Cheap starter packs make it easier than ever to get started with automating repetitive tasks, bot technology and accomplishing a paperless office.

The Power Platform supports a wide array of digitisation projects. If your company is interested in diving into the vast world of the Microsoft Power Platform, we can assist you, by offering a workshop and 3 fairly priced starter packs.

Power Platform solutions

Alight Adoption Bot

Are you thinking about a proactive assistance for your applications? You would much rather want an interactive chat bot than a silent question mark or

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Overview of the Microsoft Power Platform

Many of the Power Platform features are already included in your existing Microsoft licenses. With our help, you can use the full potential.

Power Apps

Enable your employees to develop applications to suit their own business challenges. This way you can transform ideas to corporate solutions.

Power Automate

Automate organizational problems und increase your companie’s productivity.

Power BI

Provide your team members with data-protected insights and use them to make reliable and well-founded business decisions.

Power Virtual Agents

React even faster to inquiries from your customers or employees and develop chatbots without any programming effort.

Your idea, our strategy

With our strategic procedures we can assist you in 3 phases at implementing the Power Platorm into your company.

Phase 1: Identifying potential

Using process-oriented application examples, we will show you the full potential of the Power Platform.

Phase 2: Co-design actively

Establish suitable use-cases together with our experts in workshops or Design Thinking sessions.

Phase 3: Developing together

Implement Power Platform applications with us, based on the jointly developed use cases. Alight accompanies and advises you throughout the entire process.

Alight Power Kits for You

Our 3 Starter Packs offer an easy and cheap introduction into the world of Power Platform. Dive in.

Basic - Kit

For the implementation of simple workflows in a short time

Advanced - Kit

Converting simple and complex workflows and evaluate data

Exclusive - Kit
Pricing on request

Workflows, reports, licensing and environmental mangament

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Michael Hertel
Lead Consultant